Sales is on Venus, Marketing is on Mars

The disconnect between Sales and Marketing Who’s to Blame? It’s no secret that the ‘planets’ of sales and marketing often don’t align in new technology ventures. Often animosity exists between the sales and marketing groups as they pursue a common goal, increased revenue and market share. Clearly, the result is missed market and sales opportunities. Why does this.. read more →

Consider this: Why Field Sales Reps Should Never Prospect

Let’s face it, most Field Sales Reps do a lousy job of prospecting -they dislike doing it, they are lousy at it, and they are way too expensive a resource to be doing it.   In talking with CEOs and VPs of Sales, one of the biggest challenges they express is the inability to consistently.. read more →

An Ideal Sales Compensation Plan For A Lead Generation Team

This topic is important because the Sales Compensation Plan for the Lead Generation Reps is one of the main motivators of the Reps, and thus dramatically affects their productivity, your pipeline, and your revenue success. One of our accounts set their Sales Compensation Plan up similar to what we describe below, and the Lead Generation.. read more →

The Three Worst Mistakes in Sales Development Compensation Plans

This topic is important because if you make these three mistakes, your Sales Development Team will not develop properly and ,thus, your sales pipeline will not build quickly enough. A Sales Development Team’s main purpose is to follow up on inbound leads, or proactively cold call to your target accounts, and produce Qualified Sales Opportunities.. read more →