Company Overview

SalesRamp is a Sales and Marketing Consulting Company specializing in three areas:

1. Lead Qualification Teams: The building and improving of Lead Qualification Teams whose role is to produce qualified sales opportunities for the sales force. These groups sometimes are called Lead Generation, Lead Management, and Sales Development Teams.

2. Inside Sales Teams: The building and improving of Inside Sales Teams whose role is to close sales and generate revenue. These groups are sometimes called Telesales or Corporate Sales Teams.

3. Market Research: Conducting Market/Product Validation Studies, Win-Loss Studies, and Positioning Studies.


Our 4 key differentiators are:

1. Performance-based: The fact that our contracts are performance-based.

2. Speed: The speed in which we can get Lead Qualification and Inside Sales Teams up and running productively.

3. Quality: The quality of results from our project, which are either qualified sales opportunities or actual revenue.

4. Formula: The fact that we have a specific, documented methodology and formula for quickly building up these teams, and which is also flexible enough to allow customization for each client.


Customers come to us when they need:

  1. More qualified opportunities for their SalesForce
  2. An increased pipeline
  3. More predictable forecasts
  4. Faster sales cycles
  5. More revenue from an Inside Sales Channel
  6. A repeatable sales process

We have an exemplary track record of success in optimizing the revenue production of Sales and Marketing at over 90 companies. Many of these companies have experienced rapid growth in revenues and market share during critical phases of expansion utilizing SalesRamp services.  You can see the list of companies we’ve worked with and the kinds of results we’ve delivered by clicking here.

If you are trying to improve any of the areas above, please call us to see if we can help.