Decision: A Consultant vs. A Director To Build Your Inside Sales Team?

Introduction: In this blog, I’ll point out the pros and cons of hiring a Consultant as the Acting Director versus a Director (employee) to build and manage your Sales Development Team or your Inside Sales Team. Let me start out by saying that I am a Consultant, and I am brought in many times as the.. read more →

The 3 Worst Mistakes In Recruiting A Director of Lead Generation or Inside Sales

Recruiting the Director of your Lead Generation Team or your Inside Sales Team is a very critical and difficult process. This Director will manage the group that builds your critical sales pipeline and Inside Sales revenue channel. Below are the 3 worst mistakes we’ve seen companies make in hiring this Director. Unfortunately, if you make.. read more →

How To Sell Your Product If It’s a Vitamin and Not A Pain-Killer

Pain-killer Vs. Vitamin   In general, your product falls into one of two categories. Either it is a pain-killer that solves a very critical business pain, need, or crisis for your prospect. Or it is a vitamin that doesn’t really solve any major pain or crisis, but is a nice-to-have and is just a better way.. read more →

Personal Perceived Risk: The Hidden Sales Objection That Will Cause You To Lose The Sale

The Personal Perceived Risk of Buying Your Solution: The hidden sales objection that will almost always cause you to lose your sale, if it is not addressed, is your prospect’s Personal Perceived Risk of going with you and your solution. This is the prospect’s fear that IF he/she does select you, your company and your solution, his/her.. read more →

Why Your Lead Generation Team Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

The goal of your Lead Generation Team is to meet a monthly quota of qualified leads for your sales organization. However, at times, your Lead Generation Team is not meeting your expectations. Below are four primary areas causing the problem: 1. Inbound versus Outbound Reps: Don’t have your Lead Generation Reps following up on inbound.. read more →

Recruiting Sales Reps – Three Critical Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Recruiting sales reps is an extremely important step in building any team and mistakes can result in costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and lost productivity when you have to repeat the process.  In an effort to avoid this kind of costly mistake, below you’ll find three critical mistakes that are frequently made.. read more →

Sales is on Venus, Marketing is on Mars

The disconnect between Sales and Marketing Who’s to Blame? It’s no secret that the ‘planets’ of sales and marketing often don’t align in new technology ventures. Often animosity exists between the sales and marketing groups as they pursue a common goal, increased revenue and market share. Clearly, the result is missed market and sales opportunities. Why does this.. read more →

Consider this: Why Field Sales Reps Should Never Prospect

Let’s face it, most Field Sales Reps do a lousy job of prospecting -they dislike doing it, they are lousy at it, and they are way too expensive a resource to be doing it.   In talking with CEOs and VPs of Sales, one of the biggest challenges they express is the inability to consistently.. read more →

Changes take time AND repetition – Implement new processes in a way that increases adoption and reduces belly-aching.

Sales Managers love developing new processes (whether they will admit it or not). Maybe it’s the promise of fixing the problems that have plagued you and your group, or the hope of easing frustrations in the foreseeable future. Regardless, new processes make us feel like progress is forthcoming. However, most Sales Reps are resistant to.. read more →

Best Practices: A Day in the Life of a Sales Development Rep

Many SDRs have a hybrid role, with responsibility for following up on inbound leads from Marketing and for doing targeted outbound prospecting. The struggle is balancing their time between the two. Below we have outlined a best practices structure to help SDRs organize their time.   The structure is simple, break down your day into.. read more →