Why the Definition of a Qualified Sales Lead is Critical to Your Career Success

Why is This Important: The definition of a Qualified Sales Lead is a critical part of your Marketing and Sales Engine. The overall goal of the Lead Generation Team is to produce Qualified Sales Leads for both the Inside Sales Force and the Field Sales Force.  An Annoyed CEO: I was consulting with one company where Marketing.. read more →

The 10 Steps to Turnaround a Weak Performing Lead Generation Team

If you have a weak performing Lead Generation Team, below are the 10 most important things to do to implement a turnaround. Lead Generation Teams are also known as Sales Development Teams, Lead Development Teams, or Lead Qualification Teams. (See our earlier blog on Confusing Terms: Lead Generation vs. Inside Sales.) The goal of this group.. read more →

How To Sell Your Product If It’s a Vitamin and Not A Pain-Killer

Pain-killer Vs. Vitamin   In general, your product falls into one of two categories. Either it is a pain-killer that solves a very critical business pain, need, or crisis for your prospect. Or it is a vitamin that doesn’t really solve any major pain or crisis, but is a nice-to-have and is just a better way.. read more →

Personal Perceived Risk: The Hidden Sales Objection That Will Cause You To Lose The Sale

The Personal Perceived Risk of Buying Your Solution: The hidden sales objection that will almost always cause you to lose your sale, if it is not addressed, is your prospect’s Personal Perceived Risk of going with you and your solution. This is the prospect’s fear that IF he/she does select you, your company and your solution, his/her.. read more →

Best Practices: A Day in the Life of a Sales Development Rep

Many SDRs have a hybrid role, with responsibility for following up on inbound leads from Marketing and for doing targeted outbound prospecting. The struggle is balancing their time between the two. Below we have outlined a best practices structure to help SDRs organize their time.   The structure is simple, break down your day into.. read more →

Breaking Through: How to Crack into Any Account

Using LinkedIn to Find Target Prospects Prospecting has changed. There is no denying that the same tried and true methods that worked 3 years ago, have lost their luster. Companies are guarding their employee data like never before, so finding the right person to call is tougher than ever. Gone are the days when you.. read more →

Connecting and Prospecting Tools – How do you choose?

With all the web-based sales tools out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones are most useful for your sales organization.  Some of the organizations we’ve worked with recently are in “tool overload”. They’ve embraced sales tools, but with so many point solutions, their Reps are spending all their time surfing from one tool.. read more →