29 Jan 2013

Consider this: Why Field Sales Reps Should Never Prospect

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Let’s face it, most Field Sales Reps do a lousy job of prospecting -they dislike doing it, they are lousy at it, and they are way too expensive a resource to be doing it.


In talking with CEOs and VPs of Sales, one of the biggest challenges they express is the inability to consistently feed their pipeline. They rely on their Field Reps to generate qualified opportunities and to work those opportunities through to close. The problem with this approach is that when your Field Sales Reps are focused on closing deals, they are NOT focused on prospecting. When their deals are completed, they return to prospecting to repeat the cycle. Thus, management ends up with an unpredictable and inconsistent front end to the pipeline.


Consider building a Lead Qualification team for one-third the cost of your Field Sales Reps. This team is focused on generating Qualified Sales Opportunities (“QSOs”) for the Field.  This will keep your Field Sales Reps focused on closing deals 100% of the time.


A QSO is qualified based on set criteria (i.e. decision maker, project timeline, company size, pain, timeframe for purchase, etc.) that allow you to control the quality of the deals being passed to the Field. The greater the number of qualified sales opportunities, the more predictable your sales pipeline becomes.  Better qualified leads results in a shorter sales cycle and a higher percentage close rate.


If the unpredictability and inconsistency to the front end of the pipeline is becoming problematic, it might be time to think about implementing a Lead Qualification team.  Think of a Lead Qualification team as an investment, as this approach allows for more cost-effective scaling of your sales organization.


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