23 Mar 2014

No Need for Ninja Skills: Recruiting Inside Sales Reps and Lead Generation Reps on LinkedIn

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Even if you’ve never recruited a Sales Rep before, you can follow these basics to find your new Sales Force on LinkedIn.


Just as in any field, top Sales and Lead Generation Rep recruiters have mastered advanced tactics that would leave an amateur confounded. Lucky for you, even if you’ve never hired a Sales Person before, you don’t need Ninja-like moves and advanced techniques to get started building a stellar Inside Sales or Lead Generation Team.

Why LinkedIn?

You may not realize it, but by tapping into LinkedIn, you have access to almost everybody in the professional world. Not only do all of your potential sales superstars have LinkedIn profiles, they also keep them updated. LinkedIn is easy to slice, dice, and search, which makes identifying ideal candidates a snap.

Here’s how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to find your new Sales Reps:

Step 1: Determine Your Target Market.

Are there companies you’re aware of that have the type of Lead Generation or Sales Reps you’d like working for you? Make a list. Think about partners in your company’s ecosystem, either upstream or down from you. Consider companies you know who have the same type of sales process as yours, whether it’s B2B, SAAS, transactional, high touch or complex sales.

Step 2: Think About What They Call Themselves.

With this list in hand, make a second list – one comprised of job titles these reps may currently hold. Here are some examples:

  • Lead Generation Rep
  • Sales Development Rep
  • Business Development Rep
  • Corporate Sales Rep
  • Telesales
  • Inside Sales Rep

Step 3: Search For Candidate Profiles That Fit.

Develop a prototypical profile to paint a picture of the sort of rep you want to go after. Search for candidate profiles that meet your criteria. Remember to take advantage of LinkedIn’s advanced search functions to find candidates that meet your qualifications.

For example, perform a search for companies in a specific industry in a specific city that have a certain number of employees bearing a particular title.

Step 4: Make Contact (Like A Real Person!).

You’ll get far better results if you actually connect like a human through inmail, LinkedIn’s email option, as opposed to spamming your prospective Sales Reps with a form letter. Write a personalized email that references particulars you find in their profile.

You don’t want to do this in a stalker-like way, of course, just be friendly and start a conversation like you might in person. Did you go to the same school? Do you have a common interest? Have you worked at the same company? Did you read an article your prospective Sales Rep wrote? These would be good starters for your virtual conversation.

Step 5: Start Wooing.

After you’ve established a bit of a connection, continue in your inmail to start your pitch. Talk about why people join your company, giving three or four specific reasons the business is appealing to Sales Reps and Lead Generation Reps.

Some examples:

  • We’re a small start-up, so you’ll have a major impact on helping the company grow.
  • Our quotas are reasonable.
  • We have an attractive accelerator program.
  • There’s an excellent team culture here.

This May Take Some Practice.

What’s the saying? “Every master was once a disaster.” The good news is that if you follow the tips in this article, you won’t be a disaster. But you may not land your ideal Sales Rep in the first attempt, either.

Send out 10 of these inmails and see what happens. You can expect to get one or two responses of some sort out of that first batch. Take note of your results, then go back for another round. Make some changes to the particulars of your approach for the second round. You may want to try a different subject line, go after people with a different title, or change your pitch a bit.

Continue testing, tweaking, and sending your messages until you find the gold you’re seeking. It’s hidden in the hills of LinkedIn, just waiting to be discovered.

Even with a straight-forward and simple process like this, you may decide your need for new Lead Generation Reps and Sales Reps is too urgent to wait for LinkedIn to yield results. After all, without an effective Inside Sales Team in place and working for you, your business loses money every day. If the need is too pressing to wait for a Do-It-Yourself  solution, contact us now and we can help you fill those recs faster.


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