01 May 2013

Why Your Lead Generation Team Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

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The goal of your Lead Generation Team is to meet a monthly quota of qualified leads for your sales organization. However, at times, your Lead Generation Team is not meeting your expectations. Below are four primary areas causing the problem:

Fotolia_38168315_Subscription_Monthly_XL1. Inbound versus Outbound Reps: Don’t have your Lead Generation Reps following up on inbound leads and also proactively cold calling outbound to target accounts. The skill set required for each is different. So have a group of your reps only focused on following up on inbound leads, and the rest of your group focused only on proactively cold calling out into your target accounts.

2. Quotas for Inbound Reps vs. Outbound Reps: The quota for these reps should be different. The quota of qualified leads per month produced by an inbound rep should range between 8 and 15 qualified leads per month. The quota for outbound reps should range between 5 and 8 per month. Producing a qualified lead from outbound cold calling takes more time and is harder than producing a qualified lead from inbound follow-up.

3. Ramping-up New Hires: Many times, your expectations of the quota ramp of qualified leads for new reps is too fast. Usually for an inbound rep whose steady-state goal is 10 qualified leads per month, a typical ramp over 4 months is  approximately 1 in month one, 4 in month two, 7 in month three, and 10 in month four.

4. Training: Initial and follow-on training for all reps is critical for their reaching and maintaining their quota. Training should be around company and products, process, use of automation, role-plays and consistent monitoring of calls.

By focusing on these four points, the Lead Generation Team’s productivity should begin to meet your expectations.


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