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Client Testimonials

"SalesRamp did an outstanding job for Taleo. They provided excellent direction and leadership to our Sales Development organization, and were a delight to work with. Stu Silverman and Kristina McMillan are two of the most knowledgeable people in this field. I would hire them again without question."

- Al Campa, Chief Marketing Officer, Taleo

"SalesRamp turned art into science by adding process, clarity, visibility, accountability, and measurement into the lead development process."

- Bill Shaheen, Regional Vice President, Taleo

"I hired SalesRamp because I needed to make a substantive improvement in the productivity of our Inside Sales Team in order to meet increasing revenue goals. SalesRamp did an outstanding job for us. They helped me define, and implement an Inside Sales process and plan, and they went on to assist in the implementation of that plan. They met each milestone, on time, and within the allocated budget.

Over four months, they increased the productivity of our Inside Sales Team by 30% and they created a structure around the group to ensure the Team would continue to be successful after the project was completed.

The value they provide is very much worth the investment.

In my opinion, SalesRamp is the leading expert on building and improving Inside Sales Teams."

- Richard Nieset, Senior VP, Global Sales and Services,
Knova Software, Inc.
(acquired by M2M Holdings)

"SalesRamp did a truly outstanding job of initially assessing my Inside Sales Group across a wide range of areas, including my personnel, SFA, integration with the Field Reps, lead generation with marketing, training, program materials, and metrics. After their assessment, they went on to implement their recommendations and increased our lead productivity by 30%.

Any individual I could have hired would likely have known 8 of the 16 best practices in which SalesRamp demonstrated expertise.

SalesRamp made a significant contribution to my team."

- Sheen Khoury, Senior VP, Worldwide Sales
(acquired by Citrix)

"We needed rapid time to revenue and knew we could get there if we had our own high-quality internal Lead Development team. To do that, we chose SalesRamp, who fit the bill exactly by providing us a turnkey model with the fastest time to qualified leads along with an extremely low business and revenue risk profile.

To say it in a sentence, SalesRamp works as advertised."

- Tim Riley, Vice President, Marketing
Forescout Technologies, Inc.

"SalesRamp made a huge impact on our business and answered THE big question: Do we have a market? Who will buy our products and when? In tandem, they generated a predictable number of qualified leads to ramp our sales. Now we can go to our board of directors and to our customers with the conviction that we are pursuing the right marketplace strategy."

- Gene Banman, CEO
NetContinuum Inc.
(acquired by Barracuda Networks)

"SalesRamp played an immensely valuable role, improving and accelerating the building of our Sales Pipeline. They did this by improving the effectiveness of Tasman's Inside Sales and Lead Development efforts. The SalesRamp team brought a combination of high urgency, deep experience, strategic insight, knowledge of best practices, and valuable coaching and motivational skills.

Their enthusiasm and drive permeated the organization, and left an extremely productive and results-driven organization that's an integral part of our sales efforts."

- Paul Smith, CEO
Tasman Networks, Inc (acquired by Nortel)

"In today's business environment smaller companies are particularly challenged to get prospect and customer mind share. In addition resources are scarce and therefore need to be targeted at those initiatives which have the potential to bear fruit quickly. Sales Ramp helped Noosh understand, define, implement and measure the critical Inside Sales/Lead Development front end to our sales strategy. I found them to be knowledgeable domain experts, true partners and teammates in our success and driven to get the job done right.

I would hire them again!"

- Mike Gardner, CEO
NOOSH, Inc. (now NewlineNoosh)

"I highly recommend SalesRamp. Their deep knowledge, professionalism, iterative process and teamwork really produced one of the best and most convincing third-party validation studies I've seen.

With the Market Validation Study, SalesRamp gave us the insights needed to tune our market positioning, core product features and go-to-market programs to address real pain in the marketplace. This provided us a laser-sharp focus on product messaging and target customers."

- Marty Ward, Vice President, Marketing

"The market validation Study was such a powerful way to gather insight and in the process get some great qualified leads.. I don't think I'd ever approach launching a new company again without using this methodology."

- Debbie Parry, Marketing Manager

"When we launched Pilot Software, we needed to rapidly build awareness and generate new business. SalesRamp quickly created the buzz we needed and generated a number of qualified opportunities to make our plan. I can definitely say that SalesRamp played a key role in the successful re-launch of our company.

I have recommended SalesRamp at least 10 times to other Silicon Valley tech executives as the shortest route to building a pipeline of qualified opportunities."

- Kurt Bilafer, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Services
Pilot Software (acquired by SAP)

"With SalesRamp's methodology, we now have a closed-loop process where we really understand the path of a lead. We know where it came from, how to qualify it for the sales team to maximize their productivity and impact, and finally where we ended up: win, lose or draw."

- Sheila Baker, Vice President, Marketing
VA Software (now Geeknet)

"SalesRamp's approach benefited us and the management right from the start. They gave the program the initial energy when it was needed as at the time we were extremely busy involved in staffing up open positions. The process has worked well for us.."

- Peter Dixon, Vice President of Worldwide Sales

"SalesRamp delivered unique value in improving our overall sales efficiency.. With our new lead development group based on SalesRamp's qualified lead generation methodology, our field sales reps now get high-quality leads that allow them to invest their time where it pays out: in front of qualified prospects and not chasing after low quality unqualified inquiries."

- Dore' Rosenblum, Vice President of Marketing
NeoScale Systems (acquired by nCipher)