Market Research

Marketing/Product Validation Studies:

For many new products, it is initially unclear what the real benefits are, what the true compelling reasons to buy are, how to articulate these benefits, and what the best marketing programs are to promote the product. Management needs this information to determine how best to spend marketing dollars. Also, at times, the product is launched into the market, but is not selling well and it is not clear why or what to do. Our Validation Studies can help you gather this actionable information.

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Win/Loss and Competitive Analysis

Often, management doesn't know why they are winning sales, or more importantly, why they are losing sales. Also, they are typically unsure what customers' opinions are of their company verses the competition, or what customers perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. This information is critical to developing an effective strategy in a competitive marketplace. Our Win/Los and Competitive Analysis allow you to get real feedback from customers on why they did/did not choose your solution, and where you fit in the competitive landscape.

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Positioning Studies

Many times, it is not clear how best to position the company and product in the market and against the competition. Also, with new products, new technologies, and new concepts, it is not clear what specific words are best to use that will resonate well with the prospects. Oftentimes, companies have taken a certain positioning in the market, but this positioning is not working well and it is not clear why or how to modify it. Our Positioning Studies can help clarify changes that are needed.

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