Build or Improve a Lead Qualification Group:

Increasing revenue is always a goal for companies, but many times there aren't enough qualified sales opportunities for the Field Sales Reps to follow-up on. This means the Sales Reps have a hard time building their sales pipeline, or worse, they are spending their time selling to the wrong type of prospect, or to unqualified prospects. A Lead Qualification or Sales Development Group is the perfect solution to generate opportunities for the pipeline, while keeping your Field Reps focused on closing deals.

Already have a Sales Development Team? We can help increase the productivity of that team by 30%. With our best practices processes for Lead Qualification, we can help your Reps work more effectively while increasing their sales skills and opportunity-generating capacity. We can also help grow your current team by recruiting and training new Sales Development Reps.

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Build or Improve a Telesales Organization:

Many times, management knows or believes that a Telesales Department is an efficient channel of distribution but is not sure how to set this department up or how to integrate it into its existing channels of distribution. A Telesales approach can be a significant cost savings for your sales organization. It can be utilized as your sole sales channel, or can be cost-effectively teamed with a Field Sales Force or a VAR/Reseller channel. Also, a Telesales Department can manage the installed base, selling upgrades, add-ons, and services to these Customers.

Whether you currently have a Telesales Team and want to increase their effectiveness and production, or you are looking to build a team, we can help you get started. Our best practices for Telesales will equip your team with the proper processes, systems, and tools to ensure the Team is producing and integrated effectively with the other groups within your organization.

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